The "Natural Bridge Method"

You will learn the "Natural Bridge Method" that will help you enroll your clients with little to no resistance!

Essential Resources

We will provide you all the "Essential Resources" needed to have you up, running, and profitable in the next 30 Days!

Building Residual Income

We will show you have to build "Residual Income" that will continue to grow month after month!

Our Course

What You Can Gain From Us?

Dr. Hoover built a "Million Dollar" Foundational Health Practice and developed a core program that can easily be launched in the next 30 Days adding new cash revenue to your practice.

Dr. Hoover's "Natural Bridge Method" improves success in enrolling new clients into your Foundational Health Program with little to no resistance!

Our course will give you the confidence to become that sought after "Expert" in Foundational Health that so many people are desperately searching for and willing to pay out-of-pocket for your services!

Are you ready for Success?

If you are ready to start building your new Foundational Health Program providing services that millions are desperately seeking, our course can help get you up and running in the next 30 Days or less!

This proven method eliminates the confusion and frustration that many programs costing thousands more present today. Plus, you can recoup your initial investment with the first few clients you enroll!

What type of practice would benefit from our

Foundational Health Course


Any type of medical practice that is interested in adding a Foundational Health Program in their practice!


Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Practitioners that would like to add a solid Foundational Health Program!


Practitioners that are working online with clients. This program can be offered virtually!

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