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Digital Health Is The Most Imperative Step

Towards A Health Revolution!

The Digital Health has the potential to prevent disease and lower healthcare costs, while helping patients monitor and manage chronic conditions.

Digital transformation in healthcare allows you to create a secure database for encrypting, storing, and accessing private medical records of patients and enables sharing them on-demand with healthcare professionals, laboratories, and medical specialists.

The COVID-19 Outbreak Has Made The Importance Of

Digital Health More Prominent!

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed health care, spurring a revolution in digital health technologies.

Across the world, hundreds of thousands of health care systems are considering a central question: how do we connect with our patients? Digital health has been used as a stopgap in many cases to continue the essential functions of health systems.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the healthcare sector like no other. It has opened up new avenues in the digital space and helped in shifting healthcare beyond the confines of the hospital to the home and from the home to a 24/7, ubiquitous access to care, driven by the mobile phone.

As a result, many private and public institutions have moved to the wave of IT adoption by fully digitizing their entire enterprise.

Also, digital health technology enables to have smarter choices, allowing people to spend more time on tasks they deem valuable, thus fundamentally transforming the market space.

In the present situHeadlineation, only 56% of the respondents have a good thought about their health. It is very likely that those who do not have this opinion are more than willing to invest and spend more on improving it either way.

According to WHO, the purpose for a Global Strategy on Digital Health is to promote healthy lives and well-being for everyone,

everywhere, at all ages.

To deliver its potential, national or regional Digital Health initiatives must be guided by a robust Strategy that integrates financial, organizational, human and technological resources.

The WHO has played a critical leadership role in building consensus across the field of digital health, including characterizing the ways in which digital technologies are being used to support health needs, proposing standard procedures unique to evaluating digital health interventions, the establishment of a formal Department of Digital Health.

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Digital Health Is Absolutely Crucial To Understand How People Use Technology

and How Technology Impacts Their Health and Wellness!

Digital technologies are now integral to daily life, and the world’s population has never been more interconnected. Innovation, particularly in the digital sphere, is happening at unprecedented scale.

Even so, its application to improve the health of populations remains largely untapped, and there is immense scope for use of digital health solutions.

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  • Why is it important for people to engage in an intersection of technology and health?

  • What are the new digital health innovation?

  • How to make health better with just one touch?

  • What eHealth is?

  • The digital transformation to the healthcare field.

  • The sustainable and responsive healthcare.

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